About the Stick up Kids Crew

In 1993 CANTWO got a talented group of his friends together, regardless of how famous they were in the writing world and formed the “Stick Up Kids”. The foundation of their friendship is what separates this crew from the rest and in this sense “crew” isn’t really the best way to describe the “Stick Up Kids”, they’re more like a tight community of writers who are great friends.

Members were shifting over the years due to numerous reasons.

These are the Members up to date:

Artime Joe (Korea) – Atom (Germany) – Bomber (Germany)
Cantwo (Germany) – Case (Germany) – CRock (Germany) – Cider (Thailand)
Daim (Germany) – Dater (Germany) – Dato (Denmark) – Desk7 (Germany)
Exist (New Zealand) – Hombre (Germany) – Husky (Germany) – Jay Flow (Korea)
Jeks (Sweden) – Kent (Germany) – Kewen (Germany) – Mad C (Germany)
Ment (Brazil) – Mr.Baker (Germany) – Persue (USA) – Phat1 (New Zealand)
Seemsoe (Germany) – Serch (Netherlands) – Skr3am (Australia) – Wow123 (Germany)
Zedz (Netherlands)

Stick up Kids Style by the Founder Cantwo